Marriage in Indonesia

Friday, 28 April 2017 13:58
Marriage registration in Indonesia can be done after fulfiling ten days waiting period. You must have the same religion in order to get marry in Indonesia. We don't recognize mixed religion registration. Any marriage performed according to the couple's religion affiliation is legal in Indonesia. For non-Moslem couples, after they performed religious ceremonies, they must register their marriage with the civil registry in order to make it legally recognized. Under the current law, it must be done at the same jurisdiction with their domicile. Otherwise, the civil registry will not be able to accept their marriage registration. As for Moslem couples, their marriage must be registered with the Kantor Urusan Agama (KUA). They will receive a passport-sized marriage book colored in brown and green. The English term for this government institution is Office of Religious Affairs. Marriages registered with the KUA is legal and recognized, even without registration with the civil registry.  
The marriage ceremony can be done at the office of the marriage registry, or it can also be done at your place i.e. hotel, apartment. They can also come to your house. The marriage books or marriage certificate will be presented to you after the  ceremony. If you sign a marital agreement before the marriage, the details of your prenup shall also be printed on the marriage book/certificate. So is with the prenup, it will have the registration details from the Marriage Registry. This is to meet publicity requirements as set-out by the Marriage Law. The marital agreement must also be registered with a court. Both of registrations will be shown in your marital contract. You need to do this in order to create a legally binding marital contract, and a bonafide marriage. I strongly suggest you do so.
During the proceeding of the marriage, you may also conduct a child legalization. This involves the child birth certification to include his/her relationship with the biological father. Nowadays, they need you to supply a DNA test to support your parental claim. Two witnesses are required in order to support the birth registration of the child. At this point, you need to perform a court litigation. This is quite tricky situation. This may also involves citizenship issues if the alledged father is an Indonesian. The child birth certificate will show his/her nationality(ies). This is a civil document to prove the legal identity of the child. This is the last thing you want to mess up with.
As you can see, the marriage is the foundation of your life. It affects so many aspects in your life, and your loved ones. When you're doing things rights, and you're doing it the right way, you'll be fine. Everyone will be alright. Wijaya & Co can assist you in registering your marriage by going through the administrative procedures and government bureaucracy, so you don't have to. Our lawyers know how to get you tie the knot with your partner legally.
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